A giant thank you to Michelle Conner who has graciously agreed to let the following be shared at no charge. It’s FREE, people. Just like her posts.

Michelle is a local Walla Walla resident, a familiar face to most.

I have had the privilege of getting to know her over the last few years.

She makes me laugh.
She makes me think about things in new ways.
She makes me squirm.
She occasionally tries to mother me in endearing and sometimes surprising ways–especially given that we are about the same age.
She introduced me to The Morning Paper (a gin-based breakfast cocktail, not an actual newspaper, although I love them as well).
She delights in “uncomfortably long hugs.”
She has an amazing supply of tools in her purse. (Like Swiss Army knife style tools, yo.)
She is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. HUGE!
And she has more fans than she will ever know.

This project came about one morning over breakfast at Bacon & Eggs, a favorite local eatery. Michelle (who, if I recall correctly, was seated at another table in the restaurant) had just recently posted something characteristically witty and wise–a great power combo for making me take note. Our table of four discussed it. At some point I suggested that a book could be made up of Michelle Conner’s social media posts alone. Nothing else required. Someone else said, “Absolutely! No, seriously!” And I started to consider actually doing it.

That’s how it started. Now, a few months, much sorting, and many posts later, a book exists.

Well folks, here it is. Rootvik-edited and Conner-approved. I give you… drumroll, please….


Making a difference one post at a time

You can click on the link above to read it online at PressBooks.

Or you can download it here.

File Format Pdf-48x48

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