Your health IS my business

Your health is my business. And mine is yours. We are not isolated. We are not alone in this thing, this human experience.

Why do I do what I do as a holistic health coach?

Because your health matters.

How you sleep and move and eat and feel affects your energy and creativity and focus and brilliance.

I want to help you shine your brightest. I do. Because the brighter you shine, the better we all can feel.

Oneness is part of my mantra for the current year. It’s an idea, a word, and an ever-present goal. A core desired feeling and a universal truth. It affects everything in my world. The public and the private (and pondering whether or not there is a difference).

I’m not perfect by a long shot.

I sometimes have strange food cravings.

I understand the challenge of overcoming emotional eating.

I know the feeling of choosing “vegging out” over physical activity.

I know what it’s like to feel betrayed by my body.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

I have my demons, my triggers, my Achilles heel(s).

But I also know how good it feels to fully invest in my health, my wellness, my wholeness.

I have come to see the difference it makes in the world around me.

And here’s the thing. The ripple effect is real. It’s not always obvious right away, but it is amazing the impact we have on the lives of those around us simply by how we choose to treat ourselves. The more you love yourself–the more you treat your mind, heart, and body right–the brighter you can shine. Don’t think for a second that you aren’t making a positive difference in the world merely by treating yourself with love. You matter. Your health and happiness matter.

Here’s my challenge to you for this week.

Each day this week, do {at least} one thing specifically with the purpose of treating yourself with love and kindness.

Each day record what you did for yourself. At the end of the week, review your list and write down how you feel about the process. Was it easy? Was it hard? Were there some days that were easier than others? Why? What else do you notice? Pay attention to how you treat yourself. It matters.

You matter.


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