Ways to Be Whole

We all can feel whole.

The Year of the Snake inspired some reflection on nourishment and wholeness.

What would be on your list for nourishment and wholeness? What are elements that stand out in your life as important, meaningful, or contributing to transformation?

Wholeness is something we often resist. But we don’t have to. Relax into the reality of who you are, and know that change just keeps happening. Feed yourself well — all of you. And feel your wholeness.

So here it is. For you. A poem in two parts.

Ways to Be Whole

Part I
Nourishment, play, health, relationships,
art, travel, healing, sweat, growth,
nature, city, sunshine and fog.
Dresses and neckties and dancing and song.
Walla Walla. Ekuk. Berlin.

Sun-warm tomatoes. Skating on glaciers. Candles. Steam baths. Kettle bells and earrings.
Food with friends. Silence. Writing in coffee shops. Meeting strangers in airports.
Letting the guy in line behind you at the grocery store buying K-Y Jelly at 11pm go first.
Seeding pomegranates. Eating pomegranates.
Cloud watching. Sketching architectural lines.

Calling home. Getting on a plane. To anywhere.
Trimming the unnecessary.
Procuring what you need.

Obstacle courses. The view from the top.
Sunrise ocean swims.
Rollercoasters. Rhubarb pie.

Deep sleep. Dreams that inspire.
Flexible bodies. Strong and graceful hearts.

Part II
In the Year of the Snake
we can shed our skins. We give to Death old ways of being.
Fresh. Shine. Young and courageous in new form.
Called to define again our nature.

I am love. I am change. I am everything and nothing.
I am you and you are me and we are love and not love.
This is our food and we eat with our eyes and our hands and our guts and our hearts.
We feel our way to the truth. We feel our way to the core of us.
Skin is shed and replaced like clothes.

We shift and change.
Serpentine. We glisten.
Atoms reconvene
in magnificent arrangement.

We are whole.

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