Spring Detox

Ready to feel great this season? Release extra weight, clean out toxins, stop sugar cravings, and take control of your health in one simple program.


Has winter left you feeling tired, sluggish, and just a little bit funky in the not-so-fun way? Wouldn’t it be great to find a simple way to feel renewed and refreshed this spring?

Introducing the perfect solution…

The Spring Easy Detox

Your one-way ticket to health and wellness.

May 15- 28, 2017
[Prep begins on May 11!]

The Spring Easy Detox is in total an 18-day, 3-step, simple, easy-to-follow, whole foods detox program designed to cleanse your body of toxins, alleviate inflammation, and lighten you up in all the good ways. (The detox itself is 14 days.)

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel bloated and a little at war with your gut. And yet you know that happy gut = happy life.
  • You want to release toxic inflammation from your body and feel light and clean.
  • You want to recharge your body, mind, and spirit while reclaiming your health this season
  • You’re ready to reclaim your energy and leave that crash-and-burn feeling in the rearview
  • You’re ready to totally take control over that sugar addiction
  • You want to discover the root of why you feel tired, have unwanted weight gain, struggle with zero motivation, suffer from frustrating mood swings, and so often crave unhealthy food
  • You’re ready to learn which foods help you thrive in your body, and get the motivation you need to say “NO” to the foods that don’t work for your unique system
  • You’re eager to learn how to support your body so that you can live a richer, healthier life

“I decided to try out this program on a whim, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a while. I never understood why I couldn’t eat vegetables until this program taught me the concept of food combining for amazing digestion and nutrient assimilation. Now, I can eat all the vegetables I want without belly aches. I lost six pounds on the program and am going to do it again next season. It truly does make you feel brand new.” – Anon

[Hint: there’s a special deal listed below.]

In this program, I’ll teach you about detoxing your body. Through eating clean and taking advantage of my detox support tools, you’ll naturally support your liver, gut, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, and skin on a cellular level, and reduce inflammation that occurs from eating the wrong foods (for your body).

“During this detox I never felt deprived once. From the extremely handy shopping list, to trying delicious new recipes, to using the detox support tools to help take care of my body, it felt more like a vacation than a detox, yet I came away from it healthier and wiser about my body! I would recommend this detox program to all my friends! ” – Sonja

Why should I detox?

It’s no secret we live in an extremely toxic world from the food we eat to the products we apply to our bodies, to the air we breathe. Our bodies are flooded with over 700 thousand toxins on a daily basis. At any given moment, tens of thousands of toxins are making their way into the body and wreaking havoc on cells and systems.

Without proper detoxification, a buildup of toxins in your body can cause:

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Bad breath
  • Exhaustion
  • Loose or infrequent bowel movements
  • Stomach pain
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Poor mental state
  • Sore joints
  • Leaky gut
  • Mood swings
  • Lack of concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Food allergies
  • Auto-immune disorders

Can my body eliminate these toxins on its own?

The answer to this question is yes; in moderation, our bodies were designed to detoxify and self-cleanse. However, because there are so many toxins in the world and because most of us don’t fuel our body with the proper nutrition, our bodies cannot cleanse as they were originally designed to. Therefore, our bodies rely on support (like this program) to renew and restore.

Did you know that your gut makes up 70% of your immune system?

When harmful bacteria and chemicals damage the lining of your gut, toxins can leak out and travel to other parts of your body, causing undesirable symptoms. Detoxing can rebuild your gut, and cleanse your body naturally.

If you’re wondering what you can do to reverse the impact of not-so-healthy decisions then the answer, my friend, is to cleanse your body with a whole foods detox program.

You are what you eat.

One of the primary ways toxins enter our bodies is through the food we eat. Take a walk through your grocery store and you’ll realize that 90% of the food on the shelves is genetically modified junk filled with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives – all lacking nutrition. (Pro tip: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for the healthiest options.)

By supporting your body through seasonal detoxes, you’re fueling your body with seasonal (organic) bounty, which naturally supports your body. Put simply – you’re giving your body the nourishment it needs to thrive.

Of course, most people don’t feel they have the time to commit to a detox. That’s why I created this simple solution to help busy folks, just like you, who want to enhance their well-being, decrease their toxic load, and feel like the best version of themselves.

“This program was so great. It was just enough of a challenge to make it really rewarding. I eat healthy as it is, but was inspired to eat cleaner and fresher and pay more attention how I treat my body. I feel so incredibly great at the completion of this detox and look forward to keeping this healthy feeling going. The daily e-mails were incredibly helpful, and having the group dynamic was very profound–there is strength in numbers! I would recommend this program in a heartbeat.” – Heidi B.

Here’s how the Spring Easy Detox works:

The program is divided into three phases – pre-detox/prep (4 days), detox (7 days), and transition (7 days).

Phase I – Pre-Detox/Prep (May 11-14)

You’ll spend the first phase of the program cleaning up your eating habits and preparing your body and kitchen for what’s in store. You’ll start to eliminate a list of common allergenic foods, and introduce deliciously – nutrient-dense – whole foods into your body. During this phase, you can pick and choose your meals and snacks from over 50+ tasty recipes.

Phase II – Detox (May 15-21)

You’ll spend the second phase of the program in full-blown detox mode, and you’re going to love it. For seven days, you’ll follow the daily protocol outlined in your At a Glance and eat the suggested breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that have been suggested for you. You’ll eliminate common allergenic foods and take advantage of several detox support tools that push out the toxins and support overall wellness. You’ll restore your gut, ditch your sugar cravings, strengthen your cells and take complete control of your body.

Phase III – Transition (May 22-28)

You’ll spend the last phase of the program in transition mode. During this phase, you’ll reintroduce certain foods on a day-by-day basis using the suggested meals in your At a Glance. You’ll devote time and energy to reflecting on how your body reacts to each food and uncover potential hidden food allergies. You’ll shed pounds, eliminate bloating, and discover which foods help your unique body thrive.

As a coach, my job is to guide you step-by-step towards achieving your health goals.

That’s not all. Let’s talk about what you get by making an investment in your health:


Spring Detox Guide (a $99 value): Everything you need to know about detoxing, from gut health to sugar addiction to oil pulling, is packed into this comprehensive go-to Guide. This guide will help you detox physically and emotionally and let go of the food and emotions that are not serving you.

Recipe Guide (a $55 value): Over 50 mouthwatering recipes to take the guesswork out of detox. You’ll get recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, juices and tonics to make your experience enjoyable and simple to follow.

Daily Email Support and Private Facebook Group (at least $250 value): I’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions, share success, give advice, and support you through your journey. PLUS everyone needs a team of motivated friends to support them through the process. I’ve included a group of like-minded people to help you during your journey. Honestly, the forum is priceless.

14 Days of Suggested Meals (a $55 value): I’ve taken the guesswork out of “what to eat” and I’ve given you my suggestions to help you focus on your results.

14-Day at a Glance (a $69 value): A good program isn’t complete without step-by-step instructions. Think of the At a Glance as your daily protocol for the entire program.

Shopping Lists (a $35 value): We all know how hard it can be to stay focused on your goals in a junk-food filled grocery store. That’s why I created complete shopping lists for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of your program. Just print them out, shop, prep and get ready for the week ahead.

Food Diary (a $25 value): Tracking your meals is critical to your success so, you’ll find a Food Diary template to use when reflecting on how you feel after you eat.

I’ve even included these Bonus Handouts ($75 combined value)…

Liver Loving Foods for Beauty: Learn what best supports your liver so you can fully shine with healthy hair, skin, nails, and more.

Probiotics Revealed: A healthy gut = a happy life. This will guide you through how to choose the right probiotics for you.

Detox on the Go: How can you make this all work even if you’re traveling or always on the go? Here’s how. This handout shows you how to make this work anytime, anywhere.

Two LIVE Coaching Calls (a $290 value): You get live coaching from me in our Kick Off and Wrap Up calls, help knowing what to expect and how to handle potential and perceived obstacles, and tips for how to keep the positive momentum going.

PLUS a BONUS 30-Minute Post-Detox Strategy Session with me (one on one) when you sign up now (worth $80).

Total Investment  >>> $95 if you act now

Total Value of Program — worth well over $1033

That’s a saving of more than $938 if you act now!

“I am so grateful that I worked with Amy on a detox! Being a busy professional, I was very worried about how much time it would take to prep my meals and learn what I needed to know to successfully complete the detox. After 2 weeks I’d dropped a significant amount of weight, I lost the bloated, stressed, tired, overwhelmed feelings and I feel more energetic, positive, capable and happier in all aspects of life. The mind/gut connection is incredible! This isn’t just about dropping a pants size – it’s about removing the toxins and creating better habits to allow a better version of yourself to thrive!” – Bethany


I’d like you to bring a friend along – for free. That’s right. It’s basically a BOGO deal for you right now. There are so many studies showing that making healthy changes with social support has higher rates of sustainability. I want to give each of you the best shot at success. So bring along a friend. On me. Just give me their name and email in the notes section at checkout and I will register your friend at absolutely no additional cost.

That’s two for the price of one!

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you put your health first? After all, this is your life – shouldn’t it be your best one?

You deserve it, you beautiful human.

Ready to get started? Here’s how the process works:

  • Click a Buy Now button to kick off the start of your new life.
  • Mark your calendars and sign up for your kick-off and wrap-up call with me (details for this will be included in your welcome letter – see below)
  • You will receive by email a welcome letter and all of your program materials within 48 hours.
  • We’ll chat on the kick-off call about what to expect, how to plan for potential obstacles, and how to get the most out of this program to feel fabulous.
  • You rock the program as the boss that you are.
  • We chat on the wrap-up call about how much you’ve accomplished and how to maintain these great results so you can continue to feel great.
  • You spend Memorial Day feeling fantastic and fully connected to your body, ready to welcome summer and good times.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you and what do you do as a coach?

My name is Amy Rootvik, and I’m a certified holistic health coach, a member of the International Association of Health Coaches, and AADP board certified. I work with busy people – like doctors, lawyers, artists, stay at home moms, athletes, and more – who often struggle with energy slumps and discomfort, who want to have more energy and feel better in their bodies.

In addition to my one-on-one coaching packages where I help people create healthy lifestyles to truly thrive, I offer seasonal detoxes because I know what it’s like to drag, to feel like you’re not able to give your best. I spent years dealing with my own health issues (migraines, sinus infections, inflammation, weight, fertility challenges, joint pain, and more) and finally found some real healing through functional medicine, nutrition, and the stellar support of extremely smart teachers, researchers, and practitioners. With a background in health care administration, I know the burden of poor health on individuals, families, and communities. I want to do everything in my power to lighten that burden and to improve people’s health.

With a background in health care administration, I know the burden of poor health on individuals, families, and communities. I want to do everything in my power to lighten that burden and to improve people’s health.

I chose to leave a career in health care administration in order to be a full-time health coach, to help you learn how to feel better, move through the world with more joy and ease, and live a happier life. So here we are.

Doesn’t detox mean deprivation?

No – deprivation is eating the “wholesome American” diet filled with factory-made, genetically-modified foods that contain enormous amounts of chemicals, preservatives, bad fats and sugar, and getting little to no nutrition from it. Detoxing is the opposite of deprivation because you’ll get all the nutrients your body needs.

Will I be hungry on this program?

Absolutely not. Each meal is nutrient-dense which will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Will I experience any unpleasant side effects from detoxing?

You may or may not. Some people who have never eaten whole foods experience detox symptoms while others who eat clean breeze through without any symptoms at all. Either way, I provide you with all of the tools you need to get through this detox with the most success.

I have a food allergy. Can I still do this program?

Absolutely! If you have an allergy to a food recommended in this program, you can easily remove or substitute that ingredient or meal for another one in the recipe guide.

I have a known medical condition. Is this still safe for me?

While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program.


Note: It is important to consult your doctor before starting any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. This program is a guided self-discovery program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.