Self-care is imperative

winter treeThe winter has been cold and intense here in Eastern Washington. So cold, in fact, that our heat pump froze. Brrr! We are being kept in livable temps inside by electric forced heat (expensive!) and a fireplace in the living room.

And that brings us to an important lesson. Keeping our support systems in good working order makes everyday life so much more comfortable. Had I checked the heat pump, I would have noticed that it was covered in snow and building up ice. But I didn’t think to check it. Nope. It simply took it for granted that our heat would keep working.

How often do we do this with our bodies? We take for granted that things will keep working properly. We trust that our livers and kidneys and lungs and digestive tracts will just keep working. But they need attention from time to time. Making friends with your support systems, and offering that body of yours some much needed TLC is never a bad idea.

So here’s the tip for self-care February.

Notice. Take a couple minutes a day and check in. Seriously. Do a basic body scan. Ask yourself how you’re really feeling. What needs some attention? Are you feeling low energy? Are you having trouble sleeping? Does your neck hurt? Are your hands and feet warm or cold on a regular basis? How does your stomach feel? Muscles? Joints? Lungs? Eyes? Ears? And your heart? How’s your heart feeling?

Talk to your primary care about updating your labs if you need to for a deeper look. How are your support systems functioning?

And then — and this is the real kicker — do something to actively support your health. It could be as simple as drinking warm lemon water first thing every morning, eating more greens, making sure that you get daily physical activity, doing some push-ups, meditating, or doing a breathing exercise. Or it might be calling a friend to talk or curling up with a cup of tea and a good book for as long as you can carve out in your busy life.

Little changes matter. They add up to big change over time. And it all begins with noticing.

Here’s to keeping it simple, caring for ourselves daily, and spreading more love in the world.

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