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Almost a year ago, I began conversations with Lux about astrology, tarot, life, love, and all things that can deepen meaning in life. She has spent years studying astrology and tarot, and I wanted to talk to her more about how they were helpful, relevant, and meaningful for intentional, healthy living.

Thanks for being here. How would you like to introduce yourself to the community?

My name is Lux, and I am a multidimensional hot mess! Divination, discourse theory, holistic healing and ancient mysteries are among my many obsessions. I am currently Bellingham-based and have just graduated from Western Washington University. I have long been in love with the realm of things unseen and the integration of sacred & practices has driven me towards everything I have ever pursued. For as long as I can remember I have been invested in embodying the best version of myself and in helping others express their highest potential. This interest has led me to spend the past seventeen years testing & tinkering with myriad different health & wellness approaches, psycho-spiritual lifestyle adjustments, and nearly every diet and exercise suggestion in the book. What I’ve come away with at this point in my life is that there is no one-fits-all formula for thriving. The good news is, every one of us comes with unique codes for the actualization of our roles and goals. What I do serves to lead people to illuminate and restore their inherent personal power.

At what point in your life did you start caring about your health?

As I mentioned, I’ve been invested in thriving my entire life. On this path I’ve walked many dark nights, as so many of my attempts to balance my energies and manifest my ‘perfect’ ideal would continually fall to discouragement and self-sabotage. It took surrendering to a more intuitively led lifestyle before I felt I was in alignment with myself. Through the study of tarot and astrology, the ancient art and science that is divination, I discovered there were dynamics underlying the work I kept trying to do on the surface, and that without proper understanding of said dynamics, my efforts would continue to fail. I learned (and continue to learn!) the process of honoring & acknowledging my inner world as a way to embody my most magnificent experience.

How did you become interested in and how long have you been doing tarot and astrology?

I’ve been interested in tarot & astrology ever since I was first learned of them in fourth grade, but it’s been in the last six years that I started getting serious about using these tools to guide my life’s work and the choices I make about how I create a thriving life. The switch in my perspective of divination from game to serious guidance came when I realized that tarot and astrology aren’t forms of ‘fortune telling’ – rather they are ways of tuning into what I call an ‘energetic forecast,’ the way we check on the weather to make plans or decide what to wear. Once I stopped believing that one bad card could bring a message of doom, divination opened doors to me I had no idea I’d been looking for.

How does your work, your readings, affect everyday life?

I am a very intuitive & empathic person. For years I discredited the guidance I was getting from my gut because it was intangible and there was no way to ‘check’ myself, so to speak. I would find certain hunches half-baked, or have follow-up questions and I wasn’t sure how to investigate them further, so I would put them to the side. I have no doubt missed many opportunities because I wasn’t trusting myself. Astrology provided me with a framework within which to orient these intuitive hits, their timing and the arena of life in which they manifest, while tarot offers insight into how these energies come into play, what might be causing them and what subsequent outcomes might arise as the result of various paths or pursuits. These tools have affirmed my inner compass so many times that I have been able to strengthen my ability to trust myself, full stop.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I love everything about my work. I love how it feels like magic yet becomes tangible on the mundane plane. I love that it centers me into a space of faith and receptivity, & that with every reading I’m speaking to Spirit and connecting to my inner compass. It feels like I’m cracking a secret code but these messages – the rhythms of astrology, the symbolism in Tarot – are all around us, the resonant vein within and throughout every event, person & experience we encounter. Through this entire process I am shown in new and astounding ways how interconnected everything is and how accessible transformation can truly be when we have the right tools to discern the energies at play.

Why do you believe it is important?

Science has shown that everything we experience comes down to energetic frequencies, so to tap into these currents is to create and direct your reality. My work is important for many people who are unaware these currents exist, let alone that they are available to employ for conscious crafting of your goals and ideals. A person’s natal chart is like a snapshot of the skies at the time of their birth, and it serves as a template for alchemizing one’s wounds as well as most effectively activating their inherent skills & natural strengths. Divination translates what can seem like chaos and offers opportunity for vast transformation. I work with astrology and tarot to channel these messages for people who want help re-learning the language of their soul. That’s my ultimate goal here: to remind people of their innate power, of the agency they hold to define and design their experience, and of their Divine birthright to a life of health, abundance, love & success.

Are there any specific resources you would suggest for those interested in learning more?

There are sooo many great resources out there for the mystically inclined, but of course there’s also a lot of literature to sift through. I’ve found anything by Steven Forrest, Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo, & Dane Rudhyar to be dense, insightful and widely well-respected amongst the astrologer community. Online I stay tuned-in with Mystic Medusa ( and Cherry (, both of whom translate the stars in deliciously distinct ways. As for Tarot, understanding traditional symbolism is just as important as tuning in with what the symbols speak to you personally. Finding a deck that speaks to you is paramount in your individual journey. Deborah Koff Chapin’s “Soul Cards” and the Voyager cards by James Wanless are two sets I cannot live without. As for online resources, Truly Teach Me Tarot details the Tarot journey in a way I have not seen done anywhere else. @TatiannaTarot on IG provides ample & immediately applicable understanding of Tarot’s archetypes in our daily lives. @strong_eye_astrology is also super.

What is the best way for people to contact you for your services?

I direct all business inquiries to email me directly atlyraluxx [at] gmail [dot] com. My website is undergoing revamp at the moment, so anyone interested will be added to an alert list for immediate notice when we are up and sparkling once more!

You can also find me on Instagram @luxlazuli17 for a taste of how my work manifests on the daily!

I do encourage anyone who feels a spark of interest in what you’ve read here to reach out. You may not understand why you feel pulled to know more, or you may be 100% clear on what you’re looking for. Either way, I believe heavily in Divine synchronicity – if you’ve been drawn in by my message as I have felt called to share it here, then I take that as a sign we’re meant to make some kind of magic together 🙂

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