Work with Me

No products. No gimmicks. Just you, your goals, and some serious coaching to help you succeed.

You are ready for a health coach. You like the idea of using food as medicine, listening to your body, approaching wellness by looking at your life as a whole, and living a vibrant, happier, healthier life. You are ready for real change. Here are some ways to move forward!

Not sure what program or event is right for you? You can contact me here and I’ll be happy to help guide you to the perfect fit. You can also easily reach me on Twitter.

Live Events

There are periodic live workshops and events available. These are advertised on social media, through the newsletter, and on the Events page. Make sure you’re subscribed and be the first to know about upcoming events.

Single Strategy Session:

You’re smart, accomplished, and you’d really love help with this one thing! It may not seem huge or life-changing (although you never know), but it’s nagging and you’re ready to address it and move on. You are ready for a health coach with some tools and support.

Let’s unlock some answers for you and send you on your way with clarity and a plan for the next step.

Total cost: $125

If you’re a brand new client, we’ll need a brief orientation before your session. You may have some homework to do. I’ll block a full hour just for you for the session.
This is a one-off session, not part of any larger coaching program.

28 Day Kickstart:

Have an issue you’re ready to hit head on? Ready for real transformation right now? For focused issues like eating with food-sensitivities, overcoming sugar cravings, eating for balanced blood sugar, stress-management, and more, a 28-day intensive is designed for you. With specific goals, tasks, and accountability, this is a great way to kickstart change for healthier living.

This package includes four (4) weekly 30 minute sessions and one bonus follow-up email.

Total cost: $245 

90 Day Intensive:

When you want a bit more than a kick in the pants, and you’d like some powerful momentum for healthier living, a 90 Day Intensive is the ticket. Three months later you’ll be happier, healthier, lighter and brighter. Perfect if you want more accountability than 28 days and want to dig deeper into understanding your body, cravings, desires, and needs for a deeply satisfying and radiant life.

Support and guidance for creating even bigger change in a healthy and sustainable method.

This package includes six (1 hour) personal coaching sessions, and numerous resources for personalized areas of focus such as nutrition, fitness, career, spirituality, relationships, stress management, and more.

Total cost: $700 

Premium Coaching Package:

This is my my favorite and most popular coaching package.

  • You want to lose 20… or 30… or more pounds to feel like yourself again.
  • You are pulled 57 directions at once on a good day.
  • It feels like there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything you’re expected to do.
  • Your body hurts. Aches and pains are more common than they used to be.
  • Your skin doesn’t have the glow it once did.
  • Your social life is strained because you’re so damn tired.
  • You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.
  • You miss who you used to be and who you know you can be.
  • You know there’s a better life waiting for you and you’re ready for help getting there.

If you saw yourself in any of these descriptors, this program may be exactly what you need.

6 months of 1:1 coaching for holistic health changes. Nutrition, fitness, career, relationships, spiritual practice, finances, stress management. Over your personalized six month program, you’ll address it all. Held consistently accountable to create the life you dream of, this is the program for real, sustainable change.

When you commit to doing this work, you will see big results. Working with me as your health coach, committing to positive change for yourself and your health, these are some of the things you can expect.

  • You feel lighter.
  • You have a greater sense of mastery.
  • You have improved self-awareness.
  • You have a greater sense of peace.
  • You have a better relationship with your body, understanding what you are truly hungry for and how to give yourself what you really need for healthier, happier living.
  • You feel grounded.
  • You trust your body more than you ever have before.
  • You breathe easier.
  • You love deeper.
  • You feel good in your body.

Total cost: $1395

Add-On Menu:

There are optional add-ons for any of the coaching programs.

  • Weekly personal email support. $10/mo (contact to add on)
  • Monthly recipe guide for seasonal eating. $6/mo (contact to add on)
  • Reiki treatments. $60/session
    Can be booked on its own, separate from coaching program