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Taking care of our bodies and our hearts is where it all starts. I want you to enjoy life, to feel pleasure, to love being in your body, and to do all of this for many years to come. Does that sound like what you want for yourself? Then you’re in the right place.
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First of all, what was your first thought this morning before you got out of bed? Yesterday I posted on social media the following quote. “You are what you think about all day.” (Allen Ginsburg) I got some interesting responses to this. One person said she must be “dead and irrelevant” because she was thinking [...]

That may not be the best title, but it’ll do. And what’ll do keeps us moving forward. I like momentum. I lost some momentum in February. It was a rough month. [partial explanation for the blogging hiatus] On Valentine’s Day, I miscarried. It was our first pregnancy after trying for about six months. It was [...]

This is an amazing interview. Funny, informative, and full on awesome! I have to confess I have become a HUGE Danielle LaPorte fan almost overnight. (Can’t believe I didn’t even know who she was a few weeks ago… Thank you, Jen!) And Kris Carr delivers the goods. She knows her stuff. You may have seen [...]

Garbo teaches me a lot about owning my own space, owning my feelings, and being completely authentic. What a great teacher. And she is so furry too! Posted via email from rootvik’s posterous

Thanks to Saager’s Shoe Shop I now have a fantastic new pair of shoes to keep my toes happy, my feet engaged, and my whole being moving forward in joy. Hooray! Now we are off to romp in the mud, frolic in the great outdoors, and enjoy this beautiful day. Posted via email from rootvik’s [...]

Sometimes it’s good to just relax and have a party. Sometimes it is a themed party. Sometimes the theme is “The Future.” Sometimes there are great moments. Posted via email from rootvik’s posterous

Yesterday. What a day. Last minute schedule changes. Software backup problems for the 10th day in a row. Tech support unavailable because they’re in a blizzard. Gift plans derailed because the supplier’s samples were a total misrepresentation. Didn’t get enough protein for breakfast, so I had low blood sugar mid-morning and the lingering headache that [...]

I am loving this recent addition to my desktop. It makes every single day that much more interesting. I am the Fire Queen. Posted via email from rootvik’s posterous

I’m taking this course called “How to Create Happiness” from It seems uncanny how much has been pouring into my inbox on the topic: happiness. Perhaps it’s a reminder that whatever I’m ruminating on will be brought into my lived reality that much more fully. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. I’ve [...]

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