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Taking care of our bodies and our hearts is where it all starts. I want you to enjoy life, to feel pleasure, to love being in your body, and to do all of this for many years to come. Does that sound like what you want for yourself? Then you’re in the right place.
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There is so much love for you. You don’t need to convince me that you need my support. Really. My love and attention for you isn’t based on any visible struggles and wounds. I honor them. But they’re not why I love and support you. Of course there are things we can improve, stuff we can [...]

January is a month heavy on new resolutions, talk of starting over, doing things differently. In my last newsletter I explained a bit about why I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, most of my year-planning and resolutions happen at the end of my commercial fishing season in Bristol Bay. The transition back into [...]

The other night my parents were telling me about the mysteries and adventures of modern communication. As Mom tried to explain, her new phone kept “dinging” at all hours of the day and night. Mom is a deep sleeper (and deaf in one ear), so Dad was kindly waking her up because someone was trying [...]

The pull of family systems, expectations and family roles are strong. Sometimes it feels like we might never escape. No matter how old we are, we cross the threshold  into the family gathering and we revert into old ways of being. Unsure what I’m talking about? Here’s my experience. When I walk into my parents’ [...]

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my cousin’s wedding. It was a gathering of incredible human beings at the breathtakingly beautiful Sundance Resort in Utah. I was a little overwhelmed by all the talent and beauty in one place. My cousin, Justin Libby, and his wife, Katie Ronsse Libby, are both [...]

There is nothing permanent except change. ~Heraclitus It is officially Fall now, and I love it! The cooler temperatures here in my hometown of Walla Walla encourage a bit more layering, scarves wrapped around necks, and cozying up to warm fires. (Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season?) The trees are works of [...]

The tension is thick. I’m supposed to be happy and joyful and twitterpated. (Right?) But things that have been dormant for months are pushing up, sprouting, pressing through cracks into the light. They are visible. I can’t stop it. It’s Spring. This is what happens. The tension between the slumber of winter and the frenetic [...]

Winter can be a time of hibernation for many. As a friend of mine often says, it’s a time to “hunker down.” Often I agree. There is also something to be said for getting out there, into the world, beyond the fear of cold or wet, and being in winter. I’m not talking about winter [...] When I was 11, I was in sixth grade. The last thing on my mind was a husband or whether or not I would be allowed to go to school. I was probably frustrated because I wanted a pair of Guess jeans so I could be one of the “cool kids.” I took for [...]

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