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Taking care of our bodies and our hearts is where it all starts. I want you to enjoy life, to feel pleasure, to love being in your body, and to do all of this for many years to come. Does that sound like what you want for yourself? Then you’re in the right place.
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Don’t know which milk to buy at the store? We are faced with so many different types of milk, percentages, and brands. How can we be sure of what we are getting? Is it pasteurized? Is it organic? Are there additives? What type of milk is best for you and your family? I am a big fan of almond [...]

It is a common practice to detox at least four times per year, once with every change of season. Doing this cleanses our bodies and helps to remove any toxins that exist from stress, lifestyle choices, and even environmental factors. It is no secret that our taste changes and the foods we eat change with [...]

Words. Words. Words. So many of them. Here. There. Everywhere. We live in a world with other people. There are lots of us! And we’re not all the same — thank goodness. Some of us are close to each other. Some of us have never met. Some of us interact only in virtual spaces, and [...]

Sleep has become a hot topic. And for good reason. As the number of people with chronic sleep disorder grows, research identifies more and more health issues connected to sleep. Maria Konnikova, author of “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”, wrote a couple great articles for The New Yorker and The New York Times. [...]

Your health is my business. And mine is yours. We are not isolated. We are not alone in this thing, this human experience. Why do I do what I do as a holistic health coach? Because your health matters. How you sleep and move and eat and feel affects your energy and creativity and focus [...]

Eating local. It’s not “fad diet” lingo. It’s not a hipster phenomenon. It is something that is nutritionally, politically, and economically valuable for a number of reasons. All of that can be discussed at length at some point. But for today, I want to focus on the JOY of the experience. Saturday morning, my girlfriend [...]

Tonight I am driving an hour to go make dinner for someone. I have food prepped and ready. The grill is set up and waiting. And I am nervous. I’m not nervous because I’m preparing food. I’m a pretty good cook and generally feel comfortable in the kitchen–or at the grill. I’m nervous because I [...]

One More Time It is only by risking ourselves from one hour to another that we live at all. -William James Maybe you know what this feels like: You stand in the desert, lift your eyes to the horizon. It would take ages, days, lifetimes it seems to reach the edge of your vision. Your [...]

Go go go. Hurry up. There is so much to see and do. And so little time. Keep up. I have spent most of my life pushing, rushing, overcommitting, and spreading myself thin. Getting up early and staying up late. Not wanting to miss a thing, and believing in some part of me that if [...]

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