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Taking care of our bodies and our hearts is where it all starts. I want you to enjoy life, to feel pleasure, to love being in your body, and to do all of this for many years to come. Does that sound like what you want for yourself? Then you’re in the right place.
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This week, I’m excited to introduce you to Rachelle Leyva, someone I thought had such a different experience from me with her training and approach to fitness. I was really interested in picking her brain about bodybuilding and finding balance. What I ended up learning about her was more interesting than I’d even hoped for. [...]

Almost a year ago, I began conversations with Lux about astrology, tarot, life, love, and all things that can deepen meaning in life. She has spent years studying astrology and tarot, and I wanted to talk to her more about how they were helpful, relevant, and meaningful for intentional, healthy living. Thanks for being here. [...]

I’m excited to let you hear a from Shane Orchard, a great guy from Walla Walla who is an amazing athlete, a positive person who inspires people to be better versions of themselves. I’m grateful he took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Tell us a little bit about [...]

The winter has been cold and intense here in Eastern Washington. So cold, in fact, that our heat pump froze. Brrr! We are being kept in livable temps inside by electric forced heat (expensive!) and a fireplace in the living room. And that brings us to an important lesson. Keeping our support systems in good [...]

Fall is my favorite season. Sweaters, scarves, hot drinks and hotter fires. Trees ablaze with changing leaves, crisp air, and the promise of shorter days. Harvest moons, cider presses, and pumpkin patches. Leaves falling, their work done above, now to insulate below. The list goes on and on. Fall feels cozy. It reminds me to slow [...]

In our house we are working on learning how to sleep through the night. Yes, really. My son is almost six months old and this week is the first time that he is actually sleeping through the night. I wanted to dance and cry and cheer and take a long nap the first time it [...]

It’s Spring Cleaning time. And in addition to cleaning out the garage and the closet and those places that we can see now that the sun is shining brighter, I like to do some internal cleaning as well. So… What can you eat to do some personal spring cleaning? I call it a spring detox. [...]

Try a 24-Hour Veggie Soup Cleanse We’ve all heard about juice cleanses, but not everyone has heard about another hot health trend – the soup cleanse. Soup cleanses are fantastic for long winter months when our bodies could use a warm boost of energy. Unlike juice cleanses that contain some fruits, soup cleanses are typically lower [...]

Skin. It’s the largest organ in the human body and releases over a third of toxins in our body. Dry skin brushing is an effective daily practice to help the body detox and remove these harmful toxins. It also opens and cleans pores. When we dry skin brush, we are massaging and helping our lymphatic system [...]

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