5 Ways to Be Sexier Right Now

Because seriously, who doesn’t want to feel sexy in their own glorious body? Who doesn’t want to radiate?

1. Be your own lover.

Whoa, now. Keep reading. What I’m talking about is genuine, unconditional self-love that requires an open heart. You’ve got to love yourself to let that sexy shine! So look yourself in the mirror and say “Amy, I love you!” Well, you know. Say your own name. Yes, talk to yourself. Do it. It’s good for you. It’s good for sexy. And you don’t need anyone else for this. It’s all you. Gettin’ real.

2. Drink water.

Water is cleansing, you know. It helps to make us shine. It keeps our insides functioning right and it makes our outsides reflect that truth. We need water for clear skin, bright eyes, and good energy. Drink up.

3. Eat your greens.

Do you have any idea how much your body loves greens? Wow. So much. It craves them. Greens are nutrient-dense foods that provide vibrant energy, vitamins and minerals, just the right amount of inner-exfoliation too, so once again our insides are happy and our outsides can reflect it.

4. Move your body.

Walk. Run. Bike. Yoga. Swim. CrossFit. Zumba. Spin. Ski. Dance. Wrestle. Thumb-wrestle if that’s all you can do. Wiggle and turn. Take the stairs. Move your body with joy. Celebrate the ways in which you move. Exercise is good for stress reduction — and that increases sexy right there. It helps with blood sugar regulation (avoiding mood swings which are decidedly unsexy) and decreasing risk of all sorts of unsexy diseases and aches and pains. Move with joy and increase the sexy.

5. Be kind.

Kindness is sexy. This doesn’t mean be a doormat. I once said that I liked a friend who was an asshole in all the right ways. (?!) What I meant was not that I think being a jerk is hot, but that I like chutzpah and guts and the willingness to put it all out there — all backed up by a big heart. You can be kind and driven at the same time. Bullying, posturing, ego-fueled behavior is not attractive in the bigger picture. We need warriors, and we need kindness. Strength and kindness are not mutually exclusive. The underlying kindness is what lends an action virtue when we’re talking about sexy.

Let me recap: Love yourself. Drink water. Eat your greens. Move your body. Be kind.

That there, my friend, is an excellent start. All of them doable today. And if you’re smiling right now… Boom. Bonus points. Well done. This is about you feeling good in your own body. When you feel good, you radiate. You feeling sexy is sexy. And the only opinion that really matters at all right now is yours.


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